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Our Story

After several years of living in California, Pilar Rengifo, due to the change in her diet began to suffer health problems - joint pain, acne breakouts, and severe headaches. Her doctor at the time prescribed her a medicine that could eventually lead to cancer. Pilar searched for natural remedies for her pains and found an article that suggested cutting gluten from one's diet to alleviate some of the discomfort. She looked for foods without gluten and was surprised to learn that corn, cassava, rice, and potatoes do not contain it. These foods are consumed daily by all Colombians.

Colombia has a rich cheese bread culture that uses Cassava starch, cornstarch, and corn flour as the primary ingredients to make breads. Pilar saw that Colombian Cheese Breads weren’t sold anywhere in the Bay Area, and although she didn’t enjoy cooking at the time, her dream of starting a business was enough to push her to pursue this new challenge. She decided to name the business The Choclo which is the spanish word for corn.

Pilar did not stop. In the early stages of The Choclo, Pilar spent countless hours developing her own formulas, learned about the raw materials, how best to source them, and of course began to plan the business strategy. She had many doubts but has always maintained her faith and the support of her unconditional husband who is always there to help and encourage all of her crazy ideas.

The Choclo’s cheese bread is her dream. Pilar wants her customers to be immediately immersed with the delicious taste of Colombian cheese bread when they bite one of the breads. She hopes that you will welcome The Choclo products into your home and that your stomach will jump with satisfaction!